Patricia Niemann
Hot Sculpted Bone, detail Hot Sculpted Femur One Shackle Neckpiece with hot sculpted glass bone Two Shackle Neckpiece

"The bones came into being during a class with Einar and Jamex de la Torre. In my youth I have been fascinated with catholic saints' relics - which are wrapped and embroidered in jewels and displayed behind glass in Bavarian church altars. Bones fascinate me because of my interest in the ancient burial sites and archeology in the Far North of Scotland - and stories wound around dungeons of old castles here. All pieces are made from hot sculpted glass - the necklaces are handmade in hammered Sterling Silver to fit the individual bone. And the shackles are fully functional with hinges and rivets. From generic bones, skulls and femurs, my attention soon shifted to the sacrum. The "sacred bone" (as the seat of reproducing organs) is the base of the human spine in the pelvis. This bone, here made from hot glass, has lots of holes which enable it to be attached easily to the body in the form of neckpieces, breast plates, shoulder or back pieces. It can such be worn as "body armour" (see drawing left). Earlier work was shown in the exhibition "Where The Bones Of The Earth Shine Through" at Timespan Museum and the North Lands Creative Glass Gallery. Here is a review by Giles Sutherland. The chapter is ongoing ... "

Hot Sculpted Sacrum sacrum designs
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