Patricia Niemann
glass body adornment  
Lobster Claws
Lybster Lobster Catch with a rubberband-bound claw Selection of Blown Glass Lobster Claws Silver Lobster Pot Two men wearing Lobster Pot Neckpieces Blown Glass Blue/Yellow Lobster Claw
Claw Selection Small Blue Lobster Pot
Two Neckpieces
Blue-Yellow Claw
Blown Glass Lobster Claw Necklace with a Silver Claw Joint Splotchy patterned Lobster Claw Blown Glass Lobster Claw and Phial Neckpiece in Silver Pink Glass Lobster Claw
Claw+Joint Neckpiece
Splotted Neckpiece
Olympic Neckpiece
Pink Claw

In 2000, Patricia came to stay in Lybster, Caithness for the first time - to take part in a masterclass and work as artist-in-residence in the old glass blowing studio of North Lands Creative Glass (
Lybster has a long tradition as a fishing village and used to live of the herring trade. The "Silver Darlings", as they were called, used to be plentiful. However, the fish has moved on a long time ago. The harbour is beautiful, but not quite as busy anymore. A lot of the income of the few remaining fisherman depends on the crab and lobster catch.
These creatures are - to many people - quite a vicious looking species. Indeed - their claws can give you a nasty squeeze. They are also bottom-feeders and known as the scavengers of the sea ... not so nice! Nevertheless, all over the world crabs and lobsters are a prized, rare delicacy - a luxury food item. These opposites are exactly the kind of thing to fascinate Patty. All her lobster claws are handmade - blown in the new Hot Shop at North Lands Creative Glass - every one of them a one-off, destined to be set into a custom setting for neckpieces, a frame, or just displayed solo as a glass object.

Kilted Punk wearing Lobster Pot Neckpiece

Red Lobster Pot Neckpiece