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Regalia and Insignia
man adorned with blown glass jewellery pieces blown glass flame ring man wearing glass helmet crown man wearing pointed glass crown
Jesters' Ring (Flame Ring)
Red Horned Crown
The Witch King's Crown
After my first Glass experience at Edinburgh College of Art I was very excited about the potential of blown glass for body adornment. Alas, I was keen to push the limits on size a bit upwards. The ideal persons to make big precious jewellery for are traditionally royal. My research in 1998 took me to explore the origins and history of kinghood - and blood royal (or modern: genetics). In ancient times, kinghood was literally a pretty bloody business. Kings were killed in ritual battles when they lost their virility or strength. So they came to embody the circle of life and their tribe's/peoples' survival. They were originally fighters - always at the front of battle: Crowns and circlets protected and sometimes originated from helmets. When royal lines became hereditary, there was another problem: Hereditary diseases such as haemophilia were originated and endangered royal blood lines. Kingdoms are relatively fragile structures. Blown glass is born out of fire and earth and is an ideal material to symbolize this. It is a precious, magical material.

The Clear King
Arm Extensions, Phallic Neckpiece& Clear Helmet Crown

  silver and blown glass flame ring
long, ringed blown glass neckpiece  
King Phallus Neckpiece in Blown Crystal Glass and Silver
Blut Ring/ Blood Flame Ring